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ISAMS Support

By far the best method for help and support will be to create an account on the isams community  support site, they have targeted support for each module, full documentation and online chat support. please register here https://identity.isams.com/  you will need our site code Please contact our Data Managers for details.


We now have a dedicated support team please email isams@bkhs.org.uk for the quickest response, please do not email helpdesk or individuals for iSAMS support

ISAMS Support Desk:

 With support centres based in the UK and Australia, our teams are dedicated to assisting iSAMS schools. Our Service Desk is open 20 hours each day from Monday to Friday, and 7 hours on a Sunday. Further information can be found on our website: https://www.isams.com/resources/support/.

You can contact them:

Online through our Identity Portal https://identity.isams.com/

Telephone: +44 (0) 1604 659 115

Email: Helpdesk@isams.com

Live Chat: You can now access chat function with support from your iSAMS system.

Through the Identity Portal you can also access our online resources and forums where you can find helpful guides, video tutorials, events, webinars, ideas and inspiration from other iSAMS users. Specifically, I would suggest accessing our iCommunity site and Support Hub