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Administration Teams

Here you will find links to training sessions, documentation and links to documentation to support your roles within the schools.

We strongly suggest you create your ISAMS Identity account, this is the ISAMS support community where you can get support on all the modules you will use. https://identity.isams.com/

you will need to contact Data Manager or IT Support for the unique site code.

your current email for now but this can be updated once we change to bkhs emails.

Recorded Training Sessions
Working with Pupil Manager Administration staff and Admissions
Daily Bulletin Administration staff
Focus on Managing Pupil data Administration staff and Admissions
Admissions Portal Forms v2 Admission Teams
Capturing core admission data Admission Teams

Managing other schools & Agencies

Admission Teams

Manging your visits and events Admission Teams
Overview on admission data Admission Teams
Reporting on admission data Admission Teams
Documentation and resources
Adding a Medical flag to a pupil Nurse
Editing a custom pupil group Administration staff
Exporting pupil contact data Administration staff
How to create a Group of Pupils or Applicants Administration staff and Admissions
How to use the E-Mail wizard All staff
How to hide contacts from pupil records when they are linked as siblings Administration staff and Admissions
How to link a contact to multiple pupils (without them beingsiblings) Administration staff and Admissions
Searching for Students using the Basic Search  
Search for students by teaching groups  

Finally here is a demo site you can use to try out any operations you need without using our live system, This is only available for a limited period during the implementation and before we go live.  https://demo.isams.cloud/ 

you can get the username and password from IT Support or data managers