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ISAMS introduction for Teachers

ISAMS is a cloud-based management information system now merged into a single system for the schools across the foundation.

You can access ISAMS from any internet enabled device our unique web address will be issued separately.

Your username will be your new teaching code, your password will have been emailed. If you have any issues, please contact Data managers or IT Support who will reset this for you.

There is below a link to a video that is a full guide for teachers to help with your immediate day to day tasks using ISAMS,  I have documented the times in the videos that relate to the particular area you may want to jump to.  I do advise that you watch the full video of 1 hour and use my timings for quick refreshers.

ISAMS Introduction for Teachers

Video here

Timeline time Area Covered
2:27 Popup blocking  ISAMS uses pop ups, if your browser is blocking
5:30 Explains how to log in once you have a username
6:10 How to navigate the main screens, Navigation bar, Desktop and Wizard bar
9:35 Wizard bar Teacher tool kit
10:40 Registration Manager Taking a register – DO NOT DISPLAY ON WHITEBOARDS!
23:30 Timetables for staff and pupils explained
30:40 Reward & Conduct Manager
38:11 Communication tools – Emails, system messages explained
43:00 Admin teams and staff with other responsibilities setting up modules
50:38 School lists form lists, set lists,etc
53:26 Communication tools – for staff


Other points to make are:

ISAMS can be accessed away from the school networks on any internet enabled device, to do this you will be required to register a mobile device using multifactor authentication app, these are free on all mobile platforms, and isams use Google authenticator, google authenticator or lastpass authenticator.  Once you try to sign in outside of the network you will be prompted to set this up. IT Support or Data managers can assist if you have issues.