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Just thinking about email addresses … there has to be an Exams Officer on each site in order that we can continue to run as two separate exam centres. Exams officers have to have a generic email address (exams@… or similar). So presumably we will have to have two different variations on this theme in order to distinguish between the two..? 

We are currently capturing the ‘shared’ resource across the schools and are still considering how this is managed. The options we have discussed are having different email aliases i.e. exams-khs@bkhs.org.uk & exams-bls@bkhs.org.uk. 

This is not ideal as this does not reflect the single school so a better option may be to convert the shared email to a shared mailbox, whereby we can provide access to all Exams Officers across the schools. 

Further communications will be sent once we have agreed on a workable solution. 

I will be working over the summer as will others, yet this asks me to drop my laptop off and collect it end of July? As it happens I’m away for two weeks from the 10th July, but others with laptops won’t be? 


We are asking users to drop off their laptops on the agreed date, these will then be prioritised to be built asap and then returned. In the meantime, if users need to login and continue working, they can use other machines that are free or where we have spare machines, we can lend these out. 

Does it affect phone lines in schools? 


No not at all, the work we are doing will not affect telephony services. 

Schools and reception offices, other support functions, will still be staffed after term ends, how will they operate? 

As with laptops, we will work around and with these teams and individuals and assist with alternate access to machines during the period of the rebuild. 

It can be a key time for admissions etc, how will communication with parents be assured? 

A letter is being sent to parents from all schools on Friday 25th June explaining exactly why and what we are doing to help reassure parents and students. 

Are we communicating separately to parents so they are aware and forewarned? 

As above, a letter will go out on the 25th June to parents.