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The newsletter of the King Henry VIII School former pupils association SUMMER 2014 Issue 7

Goodbye ….. and let others know if you belong to those year

Jan Butler, Former OCA Chair groups.
The ‘habit’ of volunteering and fundraising for
I am pleased to report that we are charity is nurtured at King Henry VIII and it is
still producing ‘firsts’ – or at least very good to know that many OCs continue to
the first of something that hasn’t do this after leaving. Following his London
happened recently, so I hope you will enjoy Marathon Run, Andy Humphrey has raised over
reading about the Rugby match and the Fifty £6,000 for MSA Trust and we know there are
Shades of Fabulous Reunion. The Class of many more volunteers and fundraisers out
Dinner has settled well into its new venue and there. Do continue to let us know what you are
we were delighted to have almost the same doing in this regard.
attendance as last year, but with only two year My term of office has now come to an end and I
groups, especially bearing in mind that we have am delighted to hand over the baton to Helen
been sadly out of contact with most of the Cooper (’75) to whom I wish all the best. I will
Classes of ’95 and ’96 since they left school. continue to serve on the Committee and look

The Class of ‘97 and ‘98 Reunion Day is 25 forward to some more ‘firsts’...a Carol Service,
April 2015 , so please make a note of the date perhaps?

Hello …..
Helen Cooper, OCA Chair breach and saved us. When she took up the challenge, Jan had recently retired from the
teaching staff and has worked tirelessly ever
I am delighted to be able to intro- since to rebuild the OCA. Her success can be
duce myself as the new Chair of seen in the increasing number of Old Coventri-
the Old Coventrians’ Association ans who attend the Annual Dinner each year and
following the AGM in June. I was a pupil at the in the number of annual events the OCA organis-
school from 1975 until 1982 and made friend- es. Of course, Jan has not worked alone, but
ships with fellow pupils and staff that have sus- she has been the driving force. Thanks are also
tained me throughout my life. This year my due to all OCA Committee members and all of-
th fice holders past and present, but especially
Class of 1975 have jointly celebrated their 50
birthdays and next year the school is celebrating Michelle Mahiques-Pearce and Pam Nicholls,
the 40 anniversary of co-education. who have been re-elected Secretary and Treas-
urer respectively, and Rob Phillips, who has
This term, we have said au revoir to the Class of been elected Vice Chair.
2007 with the message that Henry’s is a
“Community for Life”. We are looking forward to My task is to consolidate and build on the hard
welcoming them back at Christmas, along with work that has already been done. We are very
the Classes of 2005 and 2006, to hear their news keen to make and maintain contact with as many
and to build ongoing relationships with the im- Old Coventrians as possible. We also want to
pressive young adults they have become. continue to provide members with sporting, so-
cial and business events and to act as a re-
When Jeff Vent died, the OCA nearly died along source to help you to keep in touch with each
with him. It was Jan Butler who stepped into the other.

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