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ARR   W                                                                       From Cadiz to Coventry ................3

                                                                                     Autumn Sport Updates ........... 6 - 7
                                                                                     News from the Prep School ... 9 -12
                                                                                     Little Women ..............................16
                                   ISSUE 20 | SPRING 2020                            Our Mount Cooke Experience .....20


                                                                                     FROM THE


                                                                                     There is a huge breadth of interest
                                                                                     represented in this issue of the Arrow.  This
                                                                                     is also accompanied by a depth of expertise
                                                                                     and achievement of which any school could
                                                                                     be proud.  Whether it be Art, Computer
                                                                                     Science, or Chemistry - Henry’s pupils are
                                                                                     competing and succeeding.  Our pupils are
                                                                                     also being exposed to so many wonderful
                                                                                     opportunities in this country and beyond,
                                                                                     curricular as well as skills based.  We’re
                                                                                     still keen to develop those intellectual
                                                                                     characteristics such as ambition and
                                                                                     resilience to fully equip our pupils for the
                                                                                     demands of modern life.  It’s also wonderful
                                                                                     to welcome articles from the Prep School
                                                                                     within this edition and I hope that this
                                                                                     will form a permanent feature of future
        ART SUCCESS FOR                                                              editions.  Enjoy!     Jason Slack,

        HENRY’S IN RUGBY                                                                                  Headmaster

       Autumn term for our new A Level artists is all   After much
       about responding to a series of challenges set by   tension
       the teachers. One challenge set this year by Mr   waiting to
       Henderson was to enter The Rugby Youth Open 19   hear about
       Exhibition at the Rugby Art Gallery & Museum. If   selection,
       the students entered, then he would enter some of   Aoife had
       his art work as well, though not the Youth category!    two pieces
       2019 was a record-breaking year with over 400   selected an Amandeep also had a piece selected.
            artworks submitted and 193 selected   The tension was then on Mr Henderson to see
            for exhibition. The standard of art work   if his work had made the cut too! Thankfully he
            submitted was high and the judges felt that   was relieved to hear that his painting and drawing
             the Youth Category was snapping at the   were also selected.
             heels of the adults in the quality of work.
                                           The awards night was a lively and busy evening
                                           with a full audience. We were thrilled when Aoife
                                           was awarded first prize in the Youth Category
                                           with her self portrait ‘Drenched’. Mr Henderson
                                           was awarded the Picture Perfect award for his
                                           drawing. So absolutely fantastic that teacher and
                                           student can celebrate their success together. We
                                           are all very proud in the art department of their
                                                           Miss S Mould, Head of Art
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